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Crisis Line Program--Help In Crisis provides 24-hour crisis service for Cherokee, Adair, Sequoyah, and Wagoner counties utilizing trained volunteers.  Crisis line volunteer applicants are carefully screened and trained prior to serving on the line.  Recruiting and training crisis line workers is an ongoing process.
Child Advocacy Services--Join us for group night or one of our special events. You can be involved by working with child advocates to create positive experiences and education to the families we serve.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners
--Specially trained nurses are reimbursed for their time. Volunteer advocates assist nurses throughout process to collect, preserve, and document evidence for a sexual assault case. In great need of nurses, victims of violent sexual assault sometimes have to wait for hours for a nurse to be available.

Donation Assistance Program
--Many volunteers help sort clothing and other donations the agency receives.  The volunteers organize the donations to be given to families that leave clothing requests, help organize the shelter storeroom, and maintain an inventory of clothing at the shelter.

Office Work Program--Many volunteers assist with office duties as needed.  They help with phone coverage and watching the office during meetings or other functions that require all staff attendance.  Wagoner has three volunteers who assist with office work, and Sallisaw has two volunteers who assist.

Domestic Violence Advocacy Program--Advocate training continues to be available to seasoned volunteers.  Help-In-Crisis now has advocates serving in all four counties.

Supervised Visitation
--Help-In-Crisis offers court-ordered supervised visitation for non-custodial parents.  This program utilizes a volunteer to assist the compensated HIC staff supervisor for each scheduled visitation.

Special Events--Volunteers are utilized for special events such as fund raisers, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

To become a volunteer contact
Kendra Sweet by calling our office or emailing.


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For more than 30 years, Help In Crisis, Inc. has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the awareness of domestic violence, protection of its victims, and preventing it from creating more victims. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.


Donations needed for the shelter:

New Women's underwear
Bath Towels
Vacuum Cleaner
Female Products
Women's deodorant
Brushes and combs
Toilet paper
Shampoo-family size
Body wash

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A significant portion of the Help-In-Crisis annual budget comes from individual donations. Help-In-Crisis is a 501 (c) (3) organization, and monetary gifts to the agency are tax deductible. 

In order to make contributions a little easier for the public, HIC is now registered with JustGive and has a PayPal account. JustGive is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect people with the charities and causes they care about and to increase overall giving.  


Help-In-Crisis utilizes volunteers for fundraising, children's services, running errands, stuffing envelopes, answering the crisis line, or working as a Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault Advocate.  If you are a registered nurse, we are in desperate need of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. Everyone possesses a unique talent that can be directed to needed activities.  All crisis line workers must go through a 21-hour Basic Hotline Training before being scheduled for the crisis line.  To be a Domestic Violence Advocate, volunteers must attend an additional 8 hours of advocacy training.  Sexual Assault Advocates must attend 12 additional hours of advocacy training.

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