Emergency Shelter

Fleeing a violent partner can be the most dangerous time for a victim of domestic abuse. Many victims lack the financial resources or support systems to survive without the abuser. Recognizing this impediment, Help In Crisis offers emergency shelter services. Each year, approximately 300 women and 300 children come through our shelter where they are provided resources in order to get their lives back. Individuals and their children who seek safety from an abusive partner can stay at the shelter for up to thirty days, where they will receive both individual and group counseling as well as advocacy. It is during this period that our knowledgeable staff works with the women and their children so that they can find affordable housing, legal representation, and the strength to stand on their own. The shelter offers a safe and nurturing environment where victims can spend time healing as they move toward freedom from domestic violence.
If you need safe housing because of a domestic violence situation, call our Crisis Line at: