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Jennifer Edwards

Board of Directors

Dr. Jennifer Edwards is a Professor of Sociology at Northeastern State University where she has served as a faculty member for over 20 years. Jennifer’s areas of expertise include criminology and social psychology, with specific focus on intergroup conflict, social rituals, and violent behavior. She teaches numerous courses such as introduction to sociology, social research methods, criminology, intergroup conflict, sociology of gender, rural and urban sociology, and sociology of violence. Dr. Edwards’ research focuses on intergroup conflict in various cultural settings, violence, and the relationship between ritual behavior and social power.

Originally from California, Dr. Edwards earned a B.A. in sociology from California State University, Stanislaus and a Master of Science in criminology from California State University, Fresno. In 1998, Dr. Edwards left California and moved to Oklahoma to further pursue her graduate studies. In 2004, Jennifer earned a Ph.D. in sociology from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Edwards is passionate about sociology and educating students so they can use the knowledge and skills they obtained to improve the lives of others.

Jennifer Edwards
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