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Yolette Ross

Board of Directors

Yolette Ross retired from the State of New Jersey after dedicating 33 years of public service, working for the Democratic Caucus within the New Jersey State Legislature.

Ross holds a BA in Criminal Justice Administration and a MA in Public Relations.  During her tenure with the NJ Legislature, Ross has held numerous positions including Research Associate; Deputy Director of Research; Chief of Staff to a state representative and State senator culminating with a stint as Deputy Chief of Staff to a sitting governor.  The last 12 years of her career were spent serving out a gubernatorial appointment on the New Jersey State Parole Board, two years of which she served as its chairman.

Since her arrival 6 years ago in her adopted community of Tahlequah, Ross has served on various city commissions/committees and is currently the Chair of the Cherokee County Democratic Party.

Yolette Ross
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